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Yamamay Revolution 3D Bra

2016-08-03 01:35:43

In a world that’s even more focused on the idea of well-being, which also and especially influences the way to dress, people have started to really love wearing – daily too - garments with highly-performing features, made of light yet resistant fabrics, with a natural yet technical look, and which make you doubly happy while putting them on thanks to their mix of fashion and comfort.

A new attitude to comfort: it is no longer a trend but an absolute lifestyle for customers of any age.By combining research and development with customer behaviour analysis, Yamamay is once again ready for launching avant-garde solutions and creates products, which meet this new need, with the use of exclusive, innovative, selected fabrics.SPACE BRA is a revolutionary product that’s the result of a long-term research conducted by our R&D division in Yamamay. This is the most innovative bra of the year, which is made of a new tridimensional spacer fabric that represents the last frontier in the search for highly-performing fabrics.

The cup of the bra is made up of a honeycomb outer fabric and an extremely compact inner fabric that are joined together, in the middle, with the use of a connecting layer. The bra hugs all women’s breast softly, making this style oh-so perfect for the large breasts too, including size 5.These are the key features of the new SPACE BRA: transparent, lightweight, breathable and stretch, for a pleasant sensation of comfort and a great freedom of movement.Three colors available: timeless black plus two lighter tones, silk and peach.At first sight this product seems simple but it’s actually the result of many elements that are beautifully combined: passion, commitment, study, innovation and super-high quality of its fabrics, which are totally produced in the EU.For the launch of such important project, Yamamay picked its main spokesperson, Naomi Campbell, who was beautifully captured, once again, by the camera of the Master of photography Mario Testino.The countdown to the launch of the revolutionary SPACE BRA kicks off: starting from August 26 in all Yamamay stores.

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