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2017-02-14 01:27:18

Women in rebirth", the title of a beautiful poem dedicated to the feminine universe is the perfect description for the spirit of the 2017 Yamamay Spring Campaign.

A light spring breeze gently blows the curtains, the crisp fresh air of the spring mornings with the scent of new flowers, the desire of staring at the sun and the need of colours slowly inviting to the summertime: these are the signs of the new season coming, able to regenerate woman's soul.

Yamamay brings to life the dreams of every woman with its new offering proposals, celebrating the Spring, the season that lights up the nature, the most loved and waited for, with refined and sophisticated garments that get a lighter and more delicate makeover

leading every woman to the joyful and funny season with a flirting eye to the summer.

"A touch of Italy", the claim that best fits the spirit of the new Yamamay campaign, the frame for the shootings is the Como Lake: a unique place that highlights the Italian excellence, a mixt of past and the present, art and culture, style and elegance.

All this in one icon, the amazing model Emily DiDonato representing the Yamamay Spring Collection, once more under the majestic guide of Giovanni Gastel, one of the major and elegant photographer within the fashion world.


Romantic lace, satin, tulle and transparencies, precious application, impalpable chiffon, delicate shades, floral prints: these are the most interesting details of the new Spring Collection.

Yamamay welcomes the Spring Season with new colours ranging from white to ecru, with nude tones, blush powder and the evergreen black, in an extremely chic mood.

Lovely is one of the most iconic Lines of the Collection crafted in white tulle and embellished with weaves and macramé applications creating transparencies and binding effects.

The new Freshness Line, for a very refined total white look, revises and renews the most iconic pieces of Yamamay with Sangallo lace embroidered on tulle.

The warm tones of blush powder and light pink are peeking in the tulle of the Vitality Line: Delicate and sophisticated transparencies thanks to the black satin intertwines resulting highly intriguing.

The blush powder colour gets stronger in the Balance line, the satin fabric makes it shinier and the black tulle creates a very seductive "peekaboo" effect.

"Notjustwhite" for the capsule collection especially created for the great day of the wedding called Harmony. Crafted in soft white lace and tulle in natural colour the line is embellished with embroidered details. The line offers very sophisticated pairs to match with the long chemises entirely made of lace plus a short one with amazing tulle embroideries.

Moving toward lighter breezes we find the Denim starring in two different versions, a lighter and more comfortable one in the Soft Breeze line, and a more glamorous version in the Free Spirit line, where darker denim paired with a pale white lace giving a nice touch of mischief.

More colours and stronger tones meet the new desire to dare in the Spring Yamamay collection. Bubble line, the two "must have" pieces line in geometric lace in coral colour creates a seductive net effect; Feeling line, in jacquard tulle with a floral print in yellow and coral colour, for a woman that loves to mix femininity and style; Amaryllis line, that mixes with wit blue and green tones creating a summer-ish atmosphere.

The colour theme continues in the Blooming line, characterized by a beautiful floral print with net inserts proposing a stylish lingerie that could be even worn as outerwear.

Every lingerie pair has its own nightwear version: chemises, nightgowns, pajamas with shorts and colourful nightgowns, the Yamamay Spring collection is very complete for all women expressing femininity in a holistic way.

In order to offer a superlative total look, the Spring collection is enriched with a clothing line harmonized to the underwear world.

The offering proposals for the sportswear: Basic Colour line, t-shirts, tops, camisoles in stretch cotton for a dynamic and yet fashionable use.

In order to enhance a more feminine look Yamamay suggests sensual dresses, tulle and lace detailed t-shirts, long pleated skirts and printed chiffon trousers to create modern and original outfits.

Very precious is the mini line in fluid satin and tulle with sequins and beads embroidery that includes three unmissable items: the top, the t-shirt and the elegant long jumpsuit.

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