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2017-07-29 03:41:16

Alice Peneaca and Hailey Clauson are the ambassadors of the new Yamamay FALL 2017


Sensual women, Alice is already the star of the Yamamay summer campaign and is famous for her

shapely curves; Hailey, Californian model, cover girl of the most prestigious fashion magazines and

star of the social networks is famous for her sexy body.

The two models were photographed in a highly original way; using a special photography technique

where the model doubles up in the same frame, becomes a luminous motion blur that expresses the

many emotions of her soul before being recomposed, well-defined and determined in the

foreground, asserting her style, her choice.

The images tend to favor a blend of clothes and underwear, in line with current trends.

The creator of this outstanding campaign is Gabriele Micalizzi, winner of the first edition of the

photography contest Master of Photography, now photojournalist at the front and who has been a

contributor to the New York Times, the Herald Tribune, Newsweek, Repubblica and Corriere della


Gabriele Micalizzi, through his lens, is a master of going beyond mere appearances to reach the

essence of his subject and it is with this spirit that he accepted the challenge set by Yamamay,

working on the realization of the new Fall 2017 campaign: lending himself on this occasion to the

world of fashion, with his photographs he has achieved the aim of immortalizing the different

moods of the Yamamay woman in a single shot.


In fact, the claim of the new Yamamay Fall 2017 campaign is #BEYOURSELF; women with a

thousand facets but also a distinct personality.

She could be glamour, mixing and matching the fashion collections, choosing the comfort of the

basic collections, or innovative, choosing the technological and high performance fabrics of the

special collections, attentive to quality and price.

The season’s trends and fashion colors, innovative fabrics, in vogue models and a perfect mix of

underwear and outerwear; these are the ingredients that make the new Fall collection a must.

A collection that accompanies the Yamamay woman slowly but steadily towards autumnal

atmospheres: from the first models with slits and openings so that the air can still caress the skin to

delay the adieu to summer, to the models whose distinctive hues and floral motifs are a tribute to

nature and autumnal colors, and, finally, to the lines where the Yamamay woman is the leading

light of the new season.

Embroidery and floral patches, in line with the autumnal trends, wearable as outerwear mesh

bodysuits and bustiers, floral print with a slightly retrò look in models that evoke the 1950s, allover

embroidery on the must-have wireless bustier in red tulle.

A must in every woman’s autumn wardrobe is Lurex and the satin effect and Yamamay rides the

trend, proposing contemporary, sparkling garments with ergonomic cuts and zips that exalt the


Elastic lacing and crossovers on sensual fabrics give a sporty look to garments that are still sexy, for

an original and trendy final effect: athleisure is a style which is catching on more and more.

Push-ups with T-backs and front lace-ups, bodysuits and minimal bralettes, zip-up jacket, tank-top

and trousers: these are the sport garments, in microfiber and lace, shiny chenille and Lurex jersey,

for women who enjoy sports without forsaking their glamorous side!

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