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The winter 2017 lingerie collection From Etam

2017-09-17 06:29:33


The winter 2017 lingerie collection gives pride of

place to strong offerings. The heroine of this new

season loves beautiful lace and bold styles. A new

fashion story is being written based on a sexy modern look.

Backs are low-cut with racerbacks even more ca-refully crafted

than ever, while tie and graphic lace detailing highlights curves

with an impertinentelegance.

Bodies that are even more spectacular than ever rub shoulders

with lingerie that breaks free from elastic for a confident sporty

chic style.

Loose striped men’s pyjamas exude a boyish vibe. They are worn

– obviously – next to the skin, day and night alike.

The colour palette is being enriched with harmonious new

offerings: peacock blue, cherry, mu-stard, etc. Beautifully graphic

floral mixes highlight lingerie sets to create a Japanese-inspired

ambience, which extends onto exquisite kimonos.

Creativity, seduction with a twist, and both sporty and couture

inspirations are the hallmarks of a sexy look for this winter.

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