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Second Cup

The Second Cup Ltd. is a Canadian specialty coffee retailer operating more than 345 cafes across Canada. Its headquarters are in Mississauga, Ontario. Founded in 1975

Second Cup Cafes are dedicated to providing Canada's best lattes and other gourmet coffee drinks and teas.

Marina Mall- 60705755
Al Bustan Mall - 25713922
Souk Sharq Mall-22491823
Dar Al Shifa Hospital-25384025
PAAET Collage of Education Girls- 60692676
PAAET Collage of Education Boys - 94989718
PAAET Special Courses Girls-94057990
Al Bahar Center- 22621956
Kuwait University Collage of Engineering- 24915006
Ministry of Legal Advice and Legislation -22941000 ext: 19988
PAAET Beauty and Travel- 97884732
Kuwait University Faculty of Social Science- 55578294
Kuwait University Faculty of Education- 52521152
Bureau of Internal Audit- 67706074
PAAET Nursing Boys- 66163419
PAAET Nursing Girls- 99918296
PAAET Industrial Training- 60354035
PAAET Ardiya 5- 52220374
Kuwait University Life Science- 50560447
Kuwait University Administrative Science- 66904219
Marina Clinic- 55752769
Derwaza- 22492317
MOE- 66163419

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